屏幕快照 2012-02-18 下午11.40.23
屏幕快照 2012-02-18 下午11.40.05
屏幕快照 2012-02-18 下午11.39.35
屏幕快照 2013-02-20 上午11.45.55

stills from videos 视频截图


Water Album, video installation (2011)

Based on the difference in direction, speed, quantity and weather,Ma Yuan’s Water Album categorized water into 12 statues. I search for them along Chicago River. Originally, Chicago River flew from west to east, from urban area to Lake Michigan. In the late 1800s, when the river was badly polluted, in order to prevent the pollution from expanding into Michigan Lake, Chicago government decided to reverse the flow of Chicago River. Almost sounds like a greek mythology, this project succeeded, and the river is now flowing from the east to the west.

水图,视频装置 (2011)