Use Value, a project in form of commerce, 2016

Use Value, a brand which produces handmade useful commodities, was founded by Chang Yuchen in 2016. Here, the labor of hands is measured with money, the act of possessing is considered love. The price of each product, the exchange value, is calculated by the hourly rate that Yuchen earned as a hostess working in a restaurant, multiplied by how many hours she has spent on this product, in addition to the cost of the raw materials.

The idea of artwork coming out of the museum or the gallery and entering into people’s everyday life, as well as the practice of artists adapting themselves to the common rules of economic reality are greatly inspired by artists’ book as a medium. The first line of products are various embroidered bags. Each of them is a meticulous drawing made with silk thread, a portable piece of artwork with the function of carrying, and a proxy through which time and labor are transformed into use value. On June 12, 2016, Use Value’s friends showcased the first season’s products in the form of walking, and explored the possibility of walking as a mode of exhibition, which points at the broader experience of being seen, and the brief communication that occurs at the moment of encounter.


使用价值是常羽辰于2016年在纽约成立的手制品牌,在这里,双手的劳动被换算为金钱,购买与占有被看作是爱。每一件产品的价格,即交换价值,是由以下公式计算得出:常羽辰在餐厅打工时的时薪 x 常羽辰制作这件产品所花费小时数 + 原材料的开销。

使用价值相信艺术不只存在于美术馆或画廊,也存在于日常生活中的举手投足;使用价值用社会经济的普遍标准去衡量艺术家的劳动。使用价值的信念受到了常羽辰的现雇主Printed Matter的影响,亦即艺术家书作为一种媒介的主张。使用价值的第一批产品是各式刺绣的包袋。它们中的每一个都是一幅用丝线画成的素描,一件可穿带、可容纳的作品,一个将时间与劳动转化为使用价值的中介。 2016年6月12日,使用价值的朋友们以行走的方式展示了第一季的产品,并探索行走作为一种展览形态的可能性——这指向更宽泛意义上的看与被看的体验,以及那发生在每一个擦肩而过时刻的,短暂而沉默的交流。