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My Love Lives Far East Beyond the Mountain, video, 10:18 (2011)

The text is a poem written by Zhang Heng (AD 78-139), a celebrated astronomer, mathematician, inventor, and geographer from Han Dynasty. I presumed him to be a rational and placid scientist, as calm as the cosmos; yet his poetry is so deeply melancholia. Paralyzed by the overwhelming nostalgia, the longing for the remote makes standstill an unbearable pain.

Underground passage, subway, bus and airplane, the moving objects/spaces have played a indispensable part in my recollection. In ancient Chinese literature, the cries of wails is a common symbol for sorrow; but for me, the mechanical noise of a high-speed running train is more sentimental than anything. With speed and direction, they are inherited with the image of  an eternal “elsewhere”. And between the “elsewhere” and the present , the linear movement of progression repeats itself cyclically.

Thanks to Liu Junsheng for the subtitle translation.

我所思兮在太山,视频,10:18 (2011)