Milwaukee, video, 5:39 (2013)

This video project was accompanied by a study of map and of the activity of mapping. From the ancient Chinese maps drawn on silk and metal, to the Northern/Southern Hemisphere of the Celestial Glob, a map of magical creatures, drawn by Albrecht Dürer, we’ve been trying to record, organize, and reproduce our surrounding for practical, political, or scientific purposes. From the gigantic, complicated, ever-changing reality to a coherent, definite, and portable piece of paper, mapping is a process of translation in-between multiple dimensions. While Google Maps enables the world to be extended endlessly among my fingers,  the scale of imagination and the length of memory it can arise made this video. Milwaukee is a city not far from Chicago, I took the Amtrak train, which took off at 1:05pm and arrived at 2:34pm.

密尔沃基,视频,5:39 (2013)

《密尔沃基》起源于我对地图和制图这个行为本身的兴趣。从中国古代绘制在丝绸上、铭刻在金属上的地形图,到丢勒的布满奇妙生物的南北半球天体图,人们一直试图记录、总结和复制现实,以便利实际或不切实际的用途。从辽阔无垠、复杂并且多变的现实,到一张简洁明确、方寸之间的图纸,这之间发生了许多层次和维度的转译。而当Google Maps使得世界可以在我指尖无限地延伸、拓展,它所唤起的想象的规模以及记忆的长度构成了这个视频作品。密尔沃基是一个离芝加哥不远的城市,我乘坐Amtrak火车,下午1:05出发,2:34到达。